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If you want to get your hands on CLAY we are here to inspire creativity. Our classes and workshops are designed for all ages and abilities; from those having a first touch to those wanting to realise a passion project, our experienced teachers will guide you every step of the way.

Pottery Workshop

Beginners Class

Over a six week period you will learn the basics of the pottery process. Making, turning, glazing.

Your teacher will inspire you to create several items using a range of techniques, in week four you will select a few pieces to progress to fire and glaze.

Prices start at £240


Our workshops and private sessions are fun taster experiences that allow you the chance to get your hands messy and give it a go.

Perfect for those wanting to try ceramics for the first time. We cover hand building as well as giving you the opportunity to try the wheel.

Class are kept to a small group size (4-8 students) so everyone has plenty of time with the teacher.

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We are very proud to offer the CLAY Club which offers young makers aged 10 - 16 the chance to explore CLAY - the results are just amazing!

Our sessions are relaxed, sociable and kept small to ensure everyone has the best possible learning experience.


Keziah Burt is a Surrey based sculptor and art tutor specialising in portrait, figurative and animal sculpture.

Passionate and enthusiastic teacher with 15 years teaching experience across age ranges. New resident artist at Farnham pottery.

Join Keziah in a range of classes and workshops including 6-8 week figurative sculpture, life drawing, Portraiture workshops and Animal busts/sculpture.

Shaping Pottery

Improvers Class

Over eight weeks you will have the opportunity to develop your ceramics knowledge and making techniques with the guidance of your teacher. 

Join a community of makers for weekly classes and be inspired to broaden your skills while discovering new techniques with your peers.

Prices start at £240

Open Studio Membership

Once you know the basics, the open studio membership is a great way to practice. One of the technician team will often be available to offer advice and a helping hand. Members can either book in advance or simply 'drop in' outside of class time and have full studio access. 


generous amount of glazing and firing charges are included which makes the open studio membership exceptionally good value. Members will also be first in line to special workshops that will be offered during school holidays.

Monthly fees start from £52

Pottery Workshop


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Pottery is a great way to get away from the daily grind and do something different, it can encourage us to relax and explore in new ways.

We encourage a social craft community that welcomes new faces and we often see new friendships form over a ball of CLAY.


Our workshops and courses are suitable for all experience levels and make for a thoughtful gift.

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