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Mind, Body, and Creativity

A Journey of wellbeing

Join us for a unique evening, where the union of yoga and pottery will awaken your senses, ground your spirit and unleash your creativity. This holistic experience promises to leave you feeling enriched, inspired and connected to yourself.

Yoga & Clay Evening 


4pm - 5.30 Introduction & Yoga Class

5.30pm - 6.15 Tea and delicious snacks from Hobo cafe

6.15pm - 7 Mindful clay / Grounding in clay

7 - 9pm Pottery taster- ancient and modern methods.

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Join us for an extraordinary evening that melds two worlds together. Our adventure begins with a 90-minute flow yoga class, carefully curated and guided by Ayesha. This session promises to be a deeply nurturing and grounding experience, allowing you to connect with the very essence of the earth element.

As we embody the earth element, we unlock the power of grounded stability, creating a strong foundation for our journey. This class will be a moving meditation, channeling your energy towards finding your inner centre and soothing the mind. This will leave you feeling calm and refreshed, ready to dive into the world of pottery.


Initially experiencing ways of using clay to give form to the nourishing sensations of the yoga session, we will move on to experiencing ancient and modern methods of working in clay. The evening with culminate with having a go on the potters wheel.

*Please bring your own yoga mat and any props/blankets/pillows. Some experience of yoga would be beneficial for this session. 


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Pottery is a great way to get away from the daily grind and do something different, it can encourage us to relax and explore in new ways.

We encourage a social craft community that welcomes new faces and we often see new friendships form over a ball of CLAY.


Our workshops and courses are suitable for all experience levels and make for a thoughtful gift.

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