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Welcome to the

Pottery Shop

The Farnham Pottery has long been associated with the making and selling of pottery craft. We have successfully established the central building as a cafe and exhibition hub which now sees over 1000 customers each month. One of the most commonly asked questions is ‘where can I buy some pottery?’ and it's a shame to have customers walk away empty handed.


After the success of many exhibitions we are pleased to offer a more permanent shop supporting our community of artists in the Old Glazing Room at the back of the main building. This will have the feel of a small exhibition and is dedicated to makers on the site.

As a maker you will appreciate your work has individuality and this is precisely what our customers are looking for. It is what sets them apart from mass-produced items and gives them a unique personality. There are very few opportunities for people to come and look, feel and purchase ceramics with these unique qualities.


We are hoping you might like to exhibit some of your work and allow them to be sold to our admiring visitors.

How it works

Select a few items that you are willing to sell at the Farnham Pottery and fill in the form here

You will then be featured in our shop and our online store. Upon a sale we will take a commission of 30%, the remainder will be sent to you via bank transfer at the end of the month.


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