Pottery Shop Entry Form

How it works

Select a few items that you're proud off but are willing to sell to an admiring guest at the Farnham Pottery.

Then fill in the form below giving each item a distinct name (so we know its yours) and a fair sales price that you are happy to receive on sale - Remember the time it took to make, the cost of materials and firing, as well as the  failed attempts and tears spilt of the work that didn't make it...

You can then drop off your work to Guy or Alex in the office above the shop, please make sure it's carefully rapped and has your name on.

You will then be featured in our shop and our online store. Upon a sale we will take a commission of 24%, the remainder (76% of the sales price) will be sent to you via bank transfer at the end of the month.

To get started please fill in the form below:

Add a short description of each item and a sales price you are expecting: