Cas Holmes

February 28, 2017


Common Land, Common Spaces | Cas Holmes


Cas Holmes trained in fine arts and produces multimedia artworks in colour, paint and stitch. Her meticulous process of collage from salvaged remnants creates pieces without defined borders and reflect her interest in the urban and natural environment. She exhibits internationally and is represented in major collections (including Arts Council England, Museum of Art and Design, New York and the Embroiderer's Guild, UK). She collaborates on projects in public spaces as well as works in education.


The term 'Common' in English means to 'belong equally to' or 'shared equally.' The term is also used to denote areas of land used by all (historically for grazing, catching wild game, gathering plants etc)


Her exhibition here at the Farnham Pottery contains a new installation ‘Trees’ and pieces from and ongoing modular series ‘40 Yards’ inspired from the footpaths and spaces within 40 Yards of the artist's house. This is in addition to a selection of mixed media textiles inspired by the ‘Common Spaces’ using materials gathered on her travels and given to her by friends.


Part of the exhibit also includes Tea-Flora-Tales and ongoing global collaboration.


She is author of 'The Found Object in Textile Art'  (2010) 'Stitch Stories' (2015) and co-author of 'Connected Cloth' (2013)


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Additional information:


It is not often that you come across an artist that plays between the worlds of human and natural. Most find inspiration either in one or the other; we are all familiar with textile work that holds urbanity or nature as its core inspiration. However, Cas Holmes has found a third way, the point where both touch, not collide, but touch. This haunted land full of ‘the shadows of marks made by man in the earth’, of ‘reflections in water and flooded fields’, of ‘gardens and seasons changing’, is one that is often missed by the passer-by and artist alike, but it is a rich and rewarding place. It is an inspirational well of harmony and balance, as well as of conflict and division. Something shared and something complementary, as she says herself: ‘We have an intimate relationship with the land, but equally share “common connection”. ’Cas helps others to search and explore the world of the found and the displaced, the cast aside, or perhaps just the mislaid. It is a rich vein of potential and a revelation of connections between … our human world … [and] the world we refer to as natural.' (John Hopper 2014, Fiber Arts Now)

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