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Magic of Making

Season 2

The Magic of Making

What is it that grounds us in the creative process? Why do most of us feel happier when we reconnect with our roots as Makers, if only very occasionally and even if the results are seemingly poor?

The intrinsic joy of making and the magical pull of the inanimate, in the form of Art are themes we aim to encourage students and visiting public to explore in this current season of exhibitions, lectures and workshops, in ‘The Magic of Making’.

Cordelia Hampton-John – Director of Arts Programming

Guide to Cross Stitch – Mr X Stitch

JAMIE CHALMERS –  Internationally Exhibited Artist, Author, Editor, Curator and Tutor

The dynamic Jamie Chalmers - kingpin of creative embroidery, fires life into cross stitch and brings us a powerful mixed exhibition, shown earlier this year at Olympia, London, while teaching us design, the wonders of cross stitch and its many creative possibilities.


Exhibition 12 August –  2 September

Private View and Talk 12 Aug 5 – 8 (talk 7pm)

Workshop – Design and Stitch - Saturday 26 August 10 – 4.00pm £60 incl. light lunch

To book your space email

Past events

Hand Building with Clay – Finding Inspiration

ADELE GOULTY – Established Ceramic Artist, Potter & Experienced Tutor

Lino Cut for Beginners, Artistic Impression

CELIA LEWIS – Renowned Local Painter, Printmaker & Author

Hand and Blade, Carving the Wooden Vessel

MALCOLM MARTIN – Internationally celebrated sculpture in wood and accomplished tutor

Season 1 - Powered by Touch

See the highlights from the first season which included drawing, paper cutting, textile mixed media and stunning willow work. 

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